Tiger Protection Enclosure (TPE) in Lau Damak Village

Yayasan Pesona Tropis Alam Indonesia (PETAI) with the support of SGP Indonesia facilitated development of 2 units of Tiger Protection Enclosure (TPE) in Selayang Sub Village, Lau Damak Village, Langkat District, North Sumatra. TPE is an effort by the Yayasan PETAI with community to mitigate human-tiger conflict in the Gunung Leuser National Park Area III in village areas.

Way Kambas Eco Tourism on Buyer Meet Seller - Travel Mart 2021

The Director General of KSDAE seemed to visit and promote non-timber forest products and ecotourism packages with ecotourism actors from Braja Harjosari Village and Labuan Ratu IX Village, which are Supporting Villages for the Way Kambas National Park Area, participating in Buyer Meet Seller on Travel Mart 2021 at Ambarukmo Plaza Yogyakarta, 3-5 December 2021 organized by the Directorate of PJLHK, Directorate General of KSDAE , MoEF.

Small Grant Programme Indonesia

SGP Indonesia is a Small Grants Programme in Indonesia which is a collaboration programme at the Southeast Asia level between The ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB) and the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) c.q. Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems (Dirjen KSDAE). Program funding support was obtained from the German Government through the German Financial Cooperation/KfW (BMZ No. 2011 66545).

Target Area

BPTN Area III Gunung Leuser National Park, Langkat District, North Sumatera Province.

Braja Harjosari Village, Rantau Jaya Udik II Village, Tegalyoso Village, Labuan Ratu IX Village, Rantau Jaya Makmur Village, Lampung Province

Themes of Programme

Strengthening Management Capacity

SGP Indonesia strengthen national park management capacity through the establishment of multi-stakeholder forums, the planning process, the development of participatory management models, zoning, support for monitoring and reporting as well as knowledge documentation.


SGP Indonesia will give support for road checkpoints, ranger stations, regular patrols, community patrols, database strengthening, cross-border meetings, and training related to law enforcement.

Habitat and Species Conservation

SGP Indonesia will support forest fire control, ecosystem restoration, reforestation and elimination of invasive species, special protective measures for the preservation of superior species, and training needed.

Community Empowerment

SGP Indonesia will support community facilitators empowerment, activities related to community empowerment training, village land use planning, development of village regulations, and support in strengthening the capacity of community livelihoods businesses.


Cross Cutting Programme

  • Wildlife Research and Monitoring

    The scope of this field applies to monitoring, handling poaching and illegal trade, handling human-wildlife conflicts, identifying species protection needs, etc.

  • Community Outreach and Awareness Improvement

    The scope of this field is related to some specific interventions for raising awareness of community conservation in the target area based on strengthening social and cultural capital.

  • Community Based Ecotourism Development

    The scope of this field is related to the connection between conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and environmental services, coupled with the development of community livelihoods.

  • Sectoral Policy Development

    The scope of this field includes providing positive feedback to document and share experiences and lessons learned, the process of mainstreaming or to remove policy barriers to ecosystem security and sustainable development.