Call for Micro Grant Proposals SGP Indonesia Period II 2021

The Small Grants Program (SGP) Indonesia provides opportunities for Community Based Organizations and/or Civil Society Organizations in Indonesia or domiciled in the area of Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL) Area III North Sumatra and Way Kambas National Park ( TNWK), Lampung, to get the Micro Grants Programme of SGP Indonesia Period II for the Protection of national park areas (GLNP and WKNP ) as areas that have been designated as ASEAN Heritage Parks.

The Penabulu Foundation as a Service Provider SGP Indonesia sets the theme for the 2021 SGP Micro Grants proposal for Indonesia to focus on:

  1. Strengthening national park management as AHPs
  2. Biodiversity with a focus on habitat and species both in the national park area and in the buffer village areas around the national park area
  3. Capacity building and community outreach, both civil society organizations and community based organizations in supporting the management and protection of the national park area
  4. Improving the livelihood of the community around the national park area
  5. Community-based eco-tourism around the national park area as AHPs.
  6. Development of the policy sector for the protection and management of national parks and/or village policies around the area that support the protection of the national park area as AHPs.

The above activities are determined by looking at current conditions and needs in the near future. Activities that can be supported by the Micro Grant can change according to needs and are considered important based on the recommendation of the Penabulu Foundation as an SGP Indonesia Service Provider that is approved or known or recommended by the KKH Directorate, Directorate General KSDAE, Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia.

Further information can be read in the Terms of Reference of Call for Proposals of the SGP Indonesia Period II 2021.