International Consultant Briefing Meeting to Support SGP Indonesia’s Community Livelihoods and Development

Jakarta, March 4, 2020. Briefing Meeting Dr. Heino Freiderich Max Hertel (International Consultant) with KKH together with Penabulu-Service Providers was held in the Meeting Room of the Directorate for Conservation and Biodiversity – Ministry of Environment and Forestry (moEF) of the Republic of Indonesia. The briefing meeting discussed preparations regarding the visit of the International Consultant and National Consultant to the Gunung Leuser National Park and Way Kambas National Park, especially in the focus area of ​​the SGP Indonesia program. The meeting was attended by the Head of Way Kambas National Park, Mr. Subakir, member of the National Work Team and also Penabulu Foundation as Sevice Providers

This field visit will be carried out by Dr. Heino Freiderich Max Hertel as International Consultant and Muhammad Nurdin as National Consultant. This field visit in order to collect data and information related to biodiversity, natural resources and conservation and ensure the recommendation of livelihood programs in SGP Indonesia Cycle 2 in Gunung Leuser National Park and Way Kambas National Park can be carried out properly.