Introduction and Training on Program Management and Monitoring System (GraMMS) and Asset Transfer (BAST)

Santika Hotel – Slipi, Jakarta, 18-21 June 2019

ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB) with Penabulu Foundation as a Service Provider and Ministry of environemnt adn Forestry (MoEF)/National Working Team (NWT) conducted an Introduction and Training on the Use of Management and Monitoring System (GraMMS) and Asset Trasnfer Training (BAST) held on 18-21 June 2019 at the Santika Hotel, Slipi, West Jakarta.

ACB was represented by Mrs. Wardhani Ekoningtyas, Geniuque and John Ardel as GraMMS Trainers, six (6) person fromPenabulu Foundations (Service Providers), seven (7) person from MoEF/DG/NWT, and three (3) person from Secretariat Directorate of Conservation on Natural Resource and Ecosystem MoEF.

Penabulu Foundation and KLHK / NWT to know, understand and able to use GraMMS as a basis for implementing SGP Indonesia in a transparent and accessible way for all parties. GraMMS is also expected to be used by proponents or grantees to submit proposals, monitor, and activities and finances report that a transparent and accountable.

Training on Asset Transfer (BAST) was facilitated by two (2) resource persons from the Secretariat of the Directorate General of Natural Resource Conservation and Ecosystem. The resource person provided information and how to prepare the asset transfer in accordance with the template provided by the KSDAE Directorate General Secretariat and how to report it.

Training on GraMMS and Asset Transfer (BAST) was opened and closed by Ms. Nining Ngudi Purnamaningtyas, S.Hut., M.Si. (Chief of Implementation of the International Convention Treaty / National Working Team).