Meeting of the Parties on Inception Report of SGP Indonesia

Jakarta, 20 June 2019. Meeting of the Parties between KLHK, ACB and Service providers – Penabulu was held at the Office of the Directorate for Conservation and Biodiversity – Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of the Republic of Indonesia. The Meeting of the Parties discussed the Inception Report – SP and Project Manual Management of the Indonesian Small Grants Program (SGP Indonesia), responses to Project Mannual Management Indonesia input, Training in the Use of Management and Monitoring System (GraMMS), and Asset Transfer (BAST), and Joint Visit between NWT, SP-Penabulu, and ACB.

The discussion was carried out with the presentation of the Inception Report of Service Provider-Penabulu, providing input to PMM as well as several commitments to the action plan for training both the use of GraMMS and Asset Transfer, as well as the Joint Visit Plan to GLNP and WKNP.

The meeting was closed by Ms. Nining Ngudi Purnamaningtyas as Chair of the Sub-Directorate for the Implementasi of International Conventions Treaty, Directorate for Conservation and Biodiversity – Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems (DG KSDAE) and also Chair of National Working Team who emphasized the meeting process was written in the Meeting of Minutes to be agreed and implemented.